CAF HQ websites

CAF main site

About – CAF aircraft and units, NAEC education center and museum, HQ staff contacts

Shop – CAF uniform items

Contact – HQ telephone, e-mail, address, hours

Phone options:

      • 1 – Staff directory
      • 2 – Donations
      • 3 – Membership
      • 5 – Aircraft Ops
      • 7 – Gift Shop
      • 0 – Operator

Colonel login (at extreme upper right; signing in will add a new “Members” menu):

  • New member orientation
  • Unit Manual, regulations, forms
  • Dispatch magazine
  • Uniform info
  • Links to other CAF websites

Members menu > CAF Documents:

  • Many miscellaneous documents
  • LOTS of education resources
    • See the “Unit Planning Guide”
  • Unit manual, guides, regulations, forms (check if any conflict with those listed on the unit manual/regs/forms page)

Operations (pilots, maintenance)

  • Pilot and maintainer training (60-1, 66-1 quizzes)
  • Forms (pilot transition letters)
  • Drug & alcohol program info
  • RallyPoint (pilots, maintainers, unit staff)

Education (cadet program)

  • Youth education program information
  • Lessons and activities by age group
  • Youth protection training and quiz


See also Members > CAF Documents on the main website

See also the Unit manual, etc. page on the main website

Development (fundraising)

  • Fundraising training, guidance, examples, and templates


  • Membership information – brochures, application
  • Unit staff/contact info update
  • Handouts order form


Unit manual, regulations, guides, forms, and other resources are in multiple locations:

Check that you have the latest version of a document!

Unit manual

  • CAF structure, constitution, bylaws, policies
  • Unit policies: staff officers, finances, elections
  • Unit operations: recruiting & retention, finance, data, public relations, online, insurance
  • Aircraft operation, assignment, maintenance, sponsorship
  • Education program
  • Fundraising


  • Detailed policy guidance – online presence, financial management, insurance
  • How-to info – unit officers, grants, safety

How Do I...?


How-to tasks

  • Get started as a Colonel
  • Become an aircraft sponsor
  • Become a CAF pilot
  • Find online training
  • Get started as a unit staff officer


Training tips

  • 66-1 and 60-1 tests