Fly in a WWII Warbird!

About our airplane

Our aircraft is a 1944 AT-19, built by the Stinson division of the Consolidated Vultee Corporation as a military advanced trainer. Approximately 500 AT-19s were provided to the United Kingdom through the Lend-Lease program. The UK Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm operated AT-19s under the name Reliant I for training, communications, and transportation. Our aircraft, designated as FB605, is painted in honor of our British allies who flew it in the South-East Asian theater.

Learn more about our aircraft on the CAF HQ page and our aircraft details page.

How does it work?

You are provided with a pre-flight safety and operations briefing, assisted to your seat, buckled in securely, and shown how to wear your headset for proper hearing protection.

From startup to shutdown, you’ll have half an hour to experience a taste of vintage aviation and what it might be like as an aircrewman of the Greatest Generation. Imagine being a young British naval aviator, likely never out of your home village before the war, finding yourself fighting in a hot, humid, foreign land halfway around the world in a part of the empire you’ve never heard of.

Watch the as-much-art-as-science dance our pilot performs to bring the aircraft to life, smell the hot oil, and feel the rumble of a vintage radial engine. Then sit back and enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime affordable ride in an authentic WWII veteran! Bring your camera

Is it safe?

CAF units conducting a ride program conform to strict rules from CAF HQ and ride limitations imposed by the FAA. All ride pilots hold an FAA commercial pilot certificate, meet FAA pilot currency requirements specific to the ride program, and pass a comprehensive review in this aircraft each year with a CAF check pilot.

That said, flying vintage aircraft does involve a small risk and you will be required to read and sign a hold harmless waiver. If you are uncomfortable flying in a 75+ year old aircraft, please enjoy it with us on ground display.