Membership Renewal


  1. First, your national CAF membership must be renewed annually.
  2. Then pay the squadron annual dues of $50 by January 1 of each year.
  3. Finally, send in your annual hold harmless form below.

Members not renewed by January 1 will be limited to public-only events but remain on the mailing list.

Members not renewed by April 1 will be removed from the mailing list and considered new members upon applying to rejoin.

Hold harmless

When you pay your dues, complete your annual hold harmless form.

Option 1

Fill in the online form and e-mail

Shortly after submission of the form, you will receive an e-mail with it attached as a PDF. The squadron receives a copy.


Option 2

E-mail or print & mail the PDF form

Fill in all blanks – name, initials, signature, CAF ID number, date, squadron (“Rainier Squadron”), and emergency contact name and phone.

You can sign with your finger or mouse on a phone, tablet, or computer. Or, you can print and sign paper and either e-mail or postal mail it to the Adjutant. Expand a section below for details.

On an Apple iPhone/iPad, open the PDF form and follow Apple’s instructions to type and sign with your finger.

On an Android phone/tablet, you’ll need an app to type and sign with your finger. We suggest the free Adobe Fill & Sign app or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app.

On a Windows PC or Apple Macfollow Adobe’s instructions to add your hand text, signature, and initials.

  • If you need to add your first signature, draw works best if you can use your finger rather than a mouse. You can also sign a scrap of paper, photograph it, and upload that. This is a one-time step.

PC and Mac require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have it and aren’t comfortable installing it, use another method. Install Acrobat Reader here.

  • Be sure to install Acrobat Reader, not Acrobat Pro Trial, and uncheck the optional junk – McAfee, Chrome extension, etc. Step-by-step instructions are available for Windows and Mac.

Print the form and fill it in. Scan the paper (both sides) or take a readable photo (both sides) and e-mail everything to the adjutant.


If you take a photo, your smartphone may have a document scan mode which automatically fixes brightness/contrast, crops the edges, and accounts for the angle the photo was taken. If not, don’t worry, get as good a regular photo as you can.

Print the form and fill it in. Mail it to the adjutant. (Contact the adjutant for current mailing address.)


CAF requires all members to sign a hold harmless form annually using HH #1 from CAFR 60-1 Appendix A or the new online HH.

  • See chapter 1, section C, #21 in CAFR 60-1 (Jan 2023).
  • The latest 60-1 is at > Resources > Document Resources > CAFR Regulations > 60-1 Flight Operations.